Firebird and InterBase Community Sites

  • Comunidade Firebird de Lingua Portuguesa (Portuguese Language)

    Portuguese-language articles, manuals, reports, tools, support list, links and many more Firebird related information. This web site is supported by a group of Firebird lovers, and it's open to all portuguese-speaking people who want to participate. Venha juntar-se a nós!

  • Devrace Software Development

    This site is from the developers of FIBPlus, an alternative set of Delphi components based on Greg Deatz's original work. Supports all versions of Delphi and Firebird/InterBase.

  • Fingerman's door to Firebird

    A site that tries to give an overview over what's on the web about and around Firebird especially for new users of Firebird. The site concentrates on the combination of Firebird on Win32 using Delphi.

  • Firebase (Portugese Language)

    Portugese language site, based in Brazil providing Firebird and InterBase related information maintained by Carlos H. Cantu.

  • French Firebird Site (French Language)

    Firebird related site in the french language.

  • IBObjects

    Lightweight, fast, reliable and affordable Delphi & C++ Builder components giving pure Firebird and InterBase access without the BDE,ODBC or other connectivity solution.

  • IBPP

    IBPP, where the 'PP' stands for '++', is a C++ client interface for Firebird versions 1.0, 1.5 and further. It also works with InterBase® 6.0, though it is expected it might only support Firebird in the future. It is a class library, free of any specific development tool dependancies. It is not tied to any 'visual' or 'RAD' tool. It was indeed developed to add Firebird access in any C++ application. Those applications using IBPP can be non-visual (CORBA/COM objects, other libraries of classes and functions, procedural 'legacy' code, for instance). But it can of course also be used in visual or RAD environments. IBPP is indeed purely a dynamic SQL interface to Firebird. In some easy to use C++ classes (we think so :-), you will find nearly all what is needed to access a Firebird database, and manipulate the data. IBPP also offers access to most of the administrations tasks : creating a database, modifying its structure, performing online backups, administering user accounts on the server and so on.

  • InterBase WebRing

    Founded by Claudio Valderrama C., this webring is a hub for sites providing assistance, information and tools to the Firebird and/or InterBase developer Please consider joining.

  • Ivan Prenosil's Site

    Ivan is a long-time InterBase developer who always has something thoughtful to say. Worth checking out.

  • John COLIBRI (French Language)

    Developer tutorials, tools, and samples, all with full source code, with a specific section on Firebird.

  • (Russian Language)

    The best Firebird/InterBase russian language site.


    Interbasetools ist ein deutschsprachiges InterBase Portal.