Komunitní projekty

Open Source a jiné komunitní projekty zaměřené na Firebird/InterBase nebo nástroje a aplikace které je používají.

  • ADOdb Database Library for PHP

    ADOdb stands for Active Data Objects Data Base. We currently support MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Informix, Oracle, MS SQL 7, Foxpro, Access, ADO, Sybase, DB2 and generic ODBC. The Sybase, Informix and PostgreSQL drivers are community contributions. We hope more people will contribute drivers to support more databases.

    Contact: John Lim

  • AcSym

    Opensource Client/Server Accounting software. Uses Opensource Firebird or Borland Interbase, Requires either Delphi (for Windows) or Kylix (for Linux).

  • Chrome:Portal

    An open source Web Portal Framework / Content Management System using ASP.NET and Mono, written in Chrome. Database support includes Oracle, Firebird, NexusDB, Microsoft SQL Server and others.

  • DB Schema Viewer

    DB Schema Viewer is an Eclipse plugin that builds a graphical view of an existing database. Reverse Engineering is performed through JDBC. The most popular databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird) are currently supported. The UI is build around GEF.

  • DBD::InterBase - DBI Driver

    DBD::InterBase is a Perl DBI driver for Firebird and InterBase. By Edwin Pratomo.

  • Daffodil Replicator

    Daffodil Replicator is Open Source software that allows bi-directional data replication and synchronization between homogeneous / heterogeneous databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Daffodil DB, PostgreSql, Firebird and Derby.

  • Data Load Utility

    Project to develop an Enterprise level loader utility modeled after Oracle sqlldr for the Firebird Open Source Database.

  • Embers: GUI Frontend for Firebird

    GUI Tool for designing, maintaining and querying embedded and client-server Firebird and InterBase databases.

  • Enhydra

    Open source Java/XML application server.

  • FBExport

    Command-line tool for importing/exporting data and executing SQL statements on Firebird and InterBase databases. The code is based on IBPP api and is currently built with Borland's free C++ compiler, Borland C++ Builder or GNU C++ Compiler.

  • FBViewer

    Mutliple Firebird or InterBase database browser/viewer and updater with its own catalog.

  • Fbclient for Lua

    This project is about a binding of the Firebird client library to the Lua language, that is, a collection of pure Lua modules that allows you to connect and execute queries against the Firebird Relational Database. It is a modular, 3-layer API, aiming at full API coverage.

  • FiBRE

    Open Source replication tools for FireBird.

  • Fire Foot Library

    FireFoot is library that provides an easy way for C language programmers to connect to Firebird database servers (and probably InterBase). It uses the Firebird/Interbase API and is made using the GLib object model.

  • FireRuby

    FireRuby is a Ruby extension library that wraps the native Firebird RDBMS C API to provide access to database functionality.

  • Firebird Direct Access for Visual Basic

    C++ dll to be used with Visual Basic V5 or V6 (or any tool that can use a Win32 dll, NOT COM) to access a Firebird database directly. Uses IBPPs library.

  • FlameRobin

    FlameRobin is a database administration tool for Firebird that is meant to be lightweight (have a small footprint, and fast execution), cross-platform (Linux, Windows for a start, with others planned), dependent only on other open source software.

  • GTK Firebird Admin

    This is a Gtk based FireBird Administration tool and is written using OOPascal (Free Pascal) using Firebird Objects (Firebird Lazarus Components)

  • IBAccess

    IBAccess is a Interbase client application to allow users and administrators to perform common tasks with their Firebird and InterBase databases via a user friendly interface.

    Contact: Toni Martir

  • IBPP

    IBPP is a C++ client class library for the Firebird Server (and InterBase)

  • MDO - Mercury Database Objects

    MDO is an open source data-access component suite, providing direct access to Firebird from Borland Delphi applications. MDO is a descendant of FreeIBComponents by Greg Deatz.

  • MyTracker

    MyTracker is tracking and collaboration system that allows users to collect, file, share, and discuss any type of information, whether it is news, a thought, bug, task, idea, document, graph and report. MyTracker is well-organized, efficient and easy to use.

    MyTracker is designed to make massive amounts of information manageable. It is fast, easy to use fully customizable and flexible, giving users a powerful framework allowing them to focus on their own problem-solving decisions. It can arrange large groups of information in an enormous number of ways, but quickly find a single item within the groups. MyTracker supports custom form design, queries, reporting, charting, notification and export of data.

    MyTracker is released under GPL License.

  • bitweaver

    Highly Modular CMS framework includes: Wiki, Articles / News, phpBB Forum Bulletin Board, Blogs, Image Photo Gallery, ... includes TikiWiki upgrader. Databases supported: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Firebird, IIS/MS-SQL for PHP on Windows or Linux.

  • fbutils

    Collection of utilities specifically designed for use with Firebird.