Weby používající Firebird

Webové stránky a portály využívající Firebird jako datové úložiště.

  • www.almico.com/delphi

    Almico's Delphi Components Home Page.

  • www.almico.com/speedfan.php

    By Alfredo Milani-Comparetti.

  • www.netbookings.com.au

    Australia's Gift Voucher & Online Bookings web site for Accommodation, Day Spas and Experiences.

  • www.metalweb.ru

    Russian Metals Exchange, by META Company.

  • www.getgo.de

    Leading German Ticket Service.

  • www.clientel.at

    Active Telemarketing Software, Austria.

  • www.bigouden.com

    Site that displays information about a part of Brittany, France.

  • www.farmeko.khv.ru

    Corporate Site of Farmeko-opt, Ltd. one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in the Far East, Russian Federation.

  • www.CinemaSolutions.com
  • www.netzmesse.de

    B2B Marketplace.

  • www.flamingolake.com

    North Florida's Premier RV Resort

  • www.cantrellpropertiesinc.com

    Coastal real estate solutions for St. Simons Island and Southeast Georgia.

  • www.ngscan.com
  • www.projetevl.com

    A Silverlight MMORPG game project.

  • www.hiring-police.com

    The most proactive and innovative way to bring law enforcement agencies and applicants together! Law enforcement recruiting, career information, and job listings.

  • www.jarodkintz.com

    Published Author specializing in random thoughts, one-liners, and all around humorous creative writing.

  • www.securitycenterusa.com

    Security Center USA is a Jacksonville, Florida based security solutions provider specializing in consulting, design, installation, service and monitoring of access control, fire, intrusion, and surveillance systems for both residential and commercial markets.

  • www.sonomacountystreetrodz.com

    Custom Hot Rod builders located in Petaluma, California.

  • www.krsz.org

    A database for municipality documents and resolutions.

  • www.gigant.pl

    Polish Internet Store.

  • www.cyberears.com

    A Podcast and audio hosting site built in conjunction with the recording company Alesis LLC. This site has been built using PHP5, Fedora Linux Core 5 with Firebird V1.5 as the database.

  • www.ewaseet.net

    A web site which deals with classifed ads. Written in PHP using sajax class and Firebird 1.5.

  • www.rjinfo.com

    SMS services. Japanese.

  • www.adarvo.net

    At Adarvo Ltd, we run a collaboration server that is based on a Firebird database. Current (May 2006) size of the database is about 49GB and there are more than 2000 customers using the service at this site.

  • www.propertykenya.com

    Voted best Real Estate site in East and Central Africa.

  • www.officedatacenter.com

    Internet Application Services For People And Businesses.

  • www.apo.data.faa.gov

    The US Federal Aviation Administration, Operations and Performance Data provides access to historical traffic counts, forecasts of aviation activity, and delay statistics.

  • www.timur.com

    This website is intended to host all kinds of discussion forums and groups. Firebird performs the major background work as a data storage and data processor. The database uses recursive stored procedures and recursive triggers to maintain data integrity as well as cascading relations. All usage and viewing counts are computed by the internal Firebird routines.

  • www.completeradiators.com

    Complete eCommerce site using Firebird as the backend database server.

  • www.ap-ljubljana.si

    Time table for bus arrivals and departures from and to the main bus station in Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia. Developed by Mordicom d.o.o. using PHP and Firebird

  • www.cincura.net

    Site owned by an independent developer in Delphi and C#/.NET. Also hosts ID3 Renamer.

  • www.bestview.ch

    Customised Content Management and Intranet Solutions (in German).

  • www.softmosis.ca

    Softmosis Inc. is the developer of IBDataWorks and IBQueryEditor tools for Firebird and InterBase.

  • www.cygazette.com

    An online version of the Cyprus Government Official Gazette. All the text is stored in Firebird and all the words indexed to provide a full text search feature. The site is offered by Netveil Ltd as a free community service. There are currently two years worth of weekly issues of the gazette and its appendices.

  • www.cylawreports.com

    A website where lawyers can find the decisions of the high court of Cyprus. Full text search is supported. All the text is stored in Firebird.

  • www.spiceware.co.za

    Company site for Superior Software Solutions.

  • www.vodafone.com.fj

    Vodafone Fiji: The first commercial implementation of Firebird 1.5 in the South Pacific? Coupled with a ColdFusion front-end, Firebird proves to be a scalable choice for its capabilities in handling a high volume of traffic.

  • www.dqempires.com

    A web-based strategy game. Using FireBird 1.5 Classic, under Linux. 95% of all of the games logic is written in DML (Stored procedures and triggers). Also using a self-made API C++ wrapper to access the database from CGI.

  • www.faw.uni-linz.ac.at

    Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing. FAW was initiated by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner as a Research Institute of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz.

  • www.aspxdelphi.net

    aspxDelphi.net covers all aspects of using Delphi for .NET as a scripting language for ASP.NET, including tutorials and articles on ASP.NET development as well as developing Web Services using ASP.NET with Delphi for .NET.

  • www.obsidian-studios.com

    Obsidian-Studios, Inc. is a full service open source software development company located in Jacksonville, Florida. Providing custom open source programming, database, web design, and information technology services.

  • www.elvisplace.com

    The place to purchase new and used Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts.

  • www.kreftregisteret.no

    Cancer Registry of Norway.

  • www.mjshouse.com

    Michael Jackson Website by Michael White.

  • www.sacel.fr

    European Centre for the repair of Nokia mobile phones hosted by the ACEAN division of SACEL.

  • www.kaernten.at

    Portal site for Carinthia, the lively south of Austria.

  • www.prosoft.bg/protest

    A large Internet education system - ProSoft iSchool is based totally on FireBird 1.0. More than 10,000 users are registered on this system. It is already implemented in the Bulgarian Universities. Using iSchool, ProSoft have created a special service for psychological tests and profiling.

  • www.borlandforum.com

    The Korean Borland developer community is powered by Firebird. It accepts 10,000 unique visitors per day...

  • www.schmuck.de

    Jewellry shopping system.

  • www.firebase.com.br

    Brazilian Firebird site in portugese.

  • www.aba.cz

    Web site of Czech company offering assistance to drivers. Both the public website, and the internal system for collecting traffic information, processing it and distributing it is based on Firebird.

  • www.cad-programs.com

    Website of Cad Programming.

  • www.bio.sk

    BIO.SK was created to provide life scientists with valuable services.

  • www.etainme.de

    Conert Ticket Guide, Germany.

  • www.arkadia.com/usa/

    International Real Estate website

  • www.consulenzaespropri.it

    Consulenza Espropri is an Italian consulting portal offering on-line services regarding expropriation law and procedures.

  • www.filmpolski.pl

    Database of polish films, film music and film bibliography, owned by the Library of the Film School in Lodz, Poland.

  • www.clinicadoleite.com.br

    Milk Analysis.

  • www.heavenskincare.com

    All-natural organic range of products, skin and body treatments to offer you the potent power of nature in perfect harmony with the latest breakthroughs in beauty technology.

  • www.habitz.com.br

    Brasilian Real State Company.