FireSwarm is a multi-master replication system for clustering databases running under the Avalerion builds of Firebird 3 and higher on Windows. The cluster architecture is "share-nothing", an environment in which copies of a database are distributed across multiple Avalerion host machines, each using its own resources, to provide scalability and high availability.

A cluster consists of two or more Avalerion servers, usually running on separate physical systems. Each member of the cluster is referred to as a "node". A node comprises an Avalerion server running with its CDC module and an instance of the FireSwarm distribution agent to handle replication traffic to and from other nodes.

The "share-nothing" architecture is what its name implies: nodes share neither physical resources (memory, storage) nor data dependencies.

FireSwarm will run on Microsoft Windows 8+ and Linux (GLIBC 2.17+ and libstdc++ 6.0.21+).


An evaluation version of FireSwarm is available for download.


More information on FireSwarm can also be found in the presentation given by Paul Reeves to the Firebird conference in Berlin 2019.

Support Forum

A Discussion list for discussing, getting support on, reporting bugs and problems etc is available for FireSwarm users to subscribe to.