dbFile is a cross-platform command-line tool for importing and exporting data between Firebird databases and a range of external data file formats. The supported formats are:

  • Delimited data-sensitive
  • Fixed position data-sensitive
  • Fixed format text (fixed field position and record size text)

Firebird Versions Supported

dbFile supports all the mainstream, official releases of Firebird distributed directly from the download sections at the Firebird Project main website or the IBPhoenix 'Main Downloads' section. Support for versions built and distributed from other sources cannot be guaranteed. IBPhoenix would be interested to hear of widely-available third-party distributions that exhibit problems with dbFile. It would also be helpful to hear of any problems you encounter when testing this utility with Alpha or Beta versions of forthcoming Firebird releases.


Versions are available for Linux, MacOSX and Windows. For other platforms IBPhoenix can build dbFile to order — please inquire.

dbFile is designed to be installed easily and to be run, directly or indirectly, from a command shell. Currently, no graphical user interface version is available. On Linux and MacOSX it can be scripted as a bash script or cron job; on Windows it can be executed in a .bat file or with other scripting tools that can execute shell commands.


dbFile is distributed as a stand-alone, compiled binary program, without source code. Installation is simply a matter of copying the executable program to your chosen directory and running it from there. An executable installer is available for Windows.

dbFile Licensing

dbFile is proprietary software. While you are running the free trial version, you will see a reminder message each time you call the program. You are most welcome to test it and, if you decide to add it to your toolbox, we expect you to purchase the licensed version. If you decide not to use it, you should remove it from your system.

Trial Downloads

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