IBPhoenix Developer DVD

IBPhoenix is now shipping its thirty sixth Developer DVD, this Developer DVD contain's the python tool FBMon and FBOpt, The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Edition II in pdf format. It also contains 3.0.x and 4.0.x plus a large collection of other Firebird related material. as well as additional Documentation, Drivers, Tools, source code and a searchable archive of the Firebird Developer and Support lists.

If you already have a subscription or support contract, don't panic, the DVD will be automatically made available to you.

What is it?

The IBPhoenix Developer DVD contains:

  • The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Edition II (4 Volumes)
  • Latest 4.x binaries and source.
  • Latest 3.x binaries and source.
  • "Jaybird" the Firebird JDBC Driver.
  • The Firebird .NET Provider.
  • The latest snapshot and release of the ODBC Driver.
  • Python Driver.
  • FBMon tool from IBPhoenix.
  • FBOpt tool from IBPhoenix.
  • Other advanced documentation on Firebird (including).
    • "Understanding Firebird Transactions".
    • "Reading and Understanding the Lock Print".
    • "Understanding the Firebird Optimiser".
    • "Understanding the Firebird or InterBase Error Log File".
    • "Inside Firebird Databases - Looking at the Internal Structures".
    • "How to Write Updatable Views".
    • "How to Write an Internal UDF Function".
    • "How to Write an External UDF Function".
  • How-to's to get you started, wherever you're coming from.
  • A browsable, search application for Windows and Linux for the whole of the Firebird Support and Developer Lists to date.
  • A large collection of third party software and components for Firebird and InterBase.
  • Firebird Quick Start Guide.
  • Firebird User Guide and Firebird Reference Guide.
  • Firebird 4.x Release Notes.
  • Firebird 3.x Release Notes.
  • Firebird 2.5.x Release Notes.
  • Firebird 2.1.x Release Notes.
  • Firebird 2.0.x Release Notes.
  • Firebird 1.5.x Release Notes.

What are the differences between the DVD's?

The Educational DVD can only be purchased by students or teachers, the developer DVD is available to individual developers , whilst the Corporate DVD allows the purchaser to make multiple hard copies of the documentation or copies of the DVD for "in house" use only within a commercial oganisation. How much is it?

The Developer DVD has three price points:

  • Corporate $149.00
  • Developer $100.00
  • Educational $50.00

Note: These prices include postage and packing.

Or alternatively, you can take out a subscription.


Subscription provides you with bi-annual copies of the IBPhoenix DVD, as well as a monthly newsletter containing information on new bugs, bug fixes, new releases of Firebird software, and other relevant Firebird information. Subscription is available for a single annual fee.


  • Corporate $600.00
  • Developer $400.00
  • Educational $200.00

How do I order my DVD?

You can order on-line via the IBPhoenix Shop or you can send an e-mail to Paul Beach, or give him a call on +33 (0) 247 5830 43 (you need the (0) if you are calling me from France, if you are calling from international, don't use it) with the following details:

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Shipping Address
  • Coporate / Developer / Educational customer
  • Payment method (i.e. how you intend to pay)