• EmberWings Quarterly Magazine about Firebird

    Beyond technical articles, instructions and tips, it contains interviews with noteworthy individuals, an overview of Firebird's development, information from the Firebird community, evaluations of compelling products, and a touch of thematic humor. All of this presented in a streamlined format with an aesthetically pleasing print-friendly layout.

  • Firebird Book (2nd Edition)

    The Firebird Book by Helen Borrie. The most comprehensive documentation (4 volumes) for Firebird RDBMS.

  • Encryption plugin

    Encyption plugin for Firebird 3.x and higher that is compatible with AES128 or AES256. The AES128 is considered to be a "business-grade security", whilst AES256 is "military".

  • Trace plugin

    Completely new trace plugin for Firebird that is optimized for machine processing of trace events.

  • FBOpt The Database Optimizer

  • IBReplicator

    IBReplicator is a toolset for implementing and controlling database replication in all Firebird versions and InterBase versions 5.x and higher. It is software that integrates with your databases, allowing users to replicate data seamlessly and transparently between databases on both local and remote sites.

  • FBUpkeep Firebird server & database maintenance utility

    Python library that provides a task executor engine, and a command-line tool to execute the tasks. Its primary purpose is to run maintenance tasks for Firebird servers and databases, but it could be easily extended to run other tasks of various types.