The Firebird Project

Firebird is a commercially independent project of developers, technical advisors and supporters created on the 30th, July 2000, after the release of InterBase source code by Borland. The whole story of the project's evolution and events that precedes its foundation is documented in the History pages.

What is the project's mission ?

The project's primary goal is to enhance and develop the Firebird Relational Database Engine, but our efforts have also expanded into closely related areas like documentation for end users and developers, testing, connectivity options such as JDBC, ODBC and .NET drivers, plus related management tools.

Who's behind Firebird ?

The Firebird project has currently around 60 plus active members. Of course, that doesn't mean that there are 60+ developers working directly on Firebird code. Some people volunteer for various tasks that surround the core development work, such as documentation, building, testing and packaging on various platforms, mentoring and providing technical advice, web site maintenance etc. Many members are dedicated to a particular sub-project, or to particular problem area. The Firebird Team consists of many skilled and enthusiastic members including primary Interbase developers, former Interbase engineers, experienced Interbase users, and complete newcomers keen to lend a hand in any way they can. This diverse, multi-talented, and ever-growing community is our greatest asset -- one that guarantees a very healthy future for the Firebird Project.