Firebird VAR's

Aurora Software

Aurora Software has been providing solutions to the transportation industry for over 30 years. We provide a full range of products to meet the needs of most over the road operations. We offer truckload, LTL, air freight, intermodal dispatch, document imaging and a full suite of back office applications. Our dispatch and document imaging modules are powered by Firebird.

While we specialize in solutions for the transportation industry, our document imaging application (TransDoc) is suitable for a wide range of business needs. TransDoc allows you to scan and index all types of records; bills of lading, delivery receipts, checks, invoices, etc. Once indexed, the images can be recalled, printed, faxed, emailed and merged with other printed output (rendition print). The uses are limited only by your imagination. The main document imaging engine is implemented as an ActiveX control, allowing TransDoc to be tightly integrated with your own applications.

Compass Municipal Services Inc.


An application that uses Firebird extensively. The application actually utilizes 2 separate databases. One to hold data and the other to hold images. The "data" database is typically around 100 to 200 megabytes while the "image" database is anywhere from 500 megabytes to 4 gigabytes, depending on the size of client. The "data" database consists of over 120 tables and 440 stored procedures. All of the business rules and calculation are stored in the database in the form of Check Constraints, Triggers, and Stored Procedures.

This application is Windows Based and is written with C++ Builder. We have approximately 40 installations of our software and will have 70 by the end of the year as we are upgrading clients from DOS and AS/400 Versions of the software.

Our software is used by Property Assessors to calculate property values. In the assessment industry, the term for this type of application is a CAMA System (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal), thus the name, "CAMAlot". This application is quite large and is quite complicated. The assessor records all the pertinent information about properties in the database. For residential properties, the assessor would record data from the size and style of home, to the number of fireplaces. For commercial properties, the assessor would record data from the size and style of building, to the tenants and rental rates that they pay. For farmland properties, the assessor records the different fields including the type of soil, topography, stones, etc. that may influence value.

Creative IT


Creative IT is a french company based in Lyon and provides software for industral companies.

Qubes is a Manufacturing Execution System with eleven modules:

  • Plant-floor Tracking
  • Shipping Tracking
  • In Process Control
  • Production Scheduling
  • S.P.C.
  • O.E.E.
  • Maintenance Management
  • Document Management
  • Quality Process Automation
  • Instrument Management
  • Cube OLAP

Crypton Computers Ltd.

IP Address Management

Based on Firebird, Easy-IP is a fast, powerful, scalable IP address management solution, designed to eliminate the problems and errors caused by manual network administration.

With Easy-IP you can efficiently manage all IP addresses, subnets, hostnames, and device types for your entire network.

Easy-IP is ideal for organizations that manage large numbers of networks or subnets, such as ISP's, Telco's or large enterprises, but it is equally suitable for smaller networks with a few hundred nodes.

Ellermaa Softwarehouse Ltd.

WeightWatchers CD (Kaalujälgijate CD, Estonian)

WeightWatchers CD is meant for home-users who want to lose weight, using international WeightWatchers methods. It helps users to calculate their food-points and keep track of their goals. All data is stored in a Firebird database which is silently installed to client computers. Currently there are over 100 installations and no complaints about Firebird.

Meal Cost Analyzer (Toiduraha, Estonian)

This program is meant for schools and kindergartens to calculate the cost of meals. Program stores information about children's attendance, bought and used products and their cost. Program allows entry and maintence of each child's personalized attendance and meal cost report.

Building Maintenance (Elamuhaldus, Estonian)

Program allows the distribution of building maintenance costs between apartments by different parameters. Prints out monthly invoices for apartment owners.

Firmos Business Solutions

Communication Servers

Austrian Company that makes Communication Servers built around their own Linux Disribution (from scratch. All configurations supported e.g. DNS,DHCP,User Groups, File Sharing, Rights, Firewall, Virus Scanner, Database etc. are made through an easy to use Management Console and are replicable through all the installations.The Server is automatically remotely updateable - including Kernel updates.

Frred Software GmbH


Develop addon-software for ERP systems, mainly for:

  • handling export of goods
  • handling transport in general (cost calculation, data exchange with transporters etc.)
  • handling the packaging (supporting scales, scanners, etc. Getting routing information for packages, printing appropriate barcode labels, etc.)

Everything is handled with a Firebird database, approx. 350 tables, and hundreds of Stored Procedures.

Mi7 MicroSolutions Inc.

Bookstore and multimedia wholesale and point of sale systems

Develops bookstore and multimedia wholesale and point of sale systems, press distribution systems that operate on-line and perform immediate data-mining in order to provide instantaneous reports. All applications use Firebird database servers and have been running since the release of the Beta 0.94 in over thirty sites with more than 40 simultaneous and very active simultaneous connections to a single database.

Two versions of Firebird are used; Classic Server on a two-processor Linux system, and Superserver on Windows (98, NT4, 2000, and XP). Since the 0.94 Release of Firebird, none of our customers encountered a single database crash or error.

To give a technical idea of the complexity of the database structure, it consists presently of 170 tables, 180 Stored procedures, 136 triggers. Some of our customers used to have systems that embed Oracle. Firebird has provided them with matching or better performance, more flexibility as a result of hardware and software requirements, lower initial cost and especially lower cost of maintenance due to the zero administration required by Firebird.


Is a supplier of Open Source Business Solutions for Internet Age based in Pretoria, South Africa. They build Business Solutions (software that runs inside web browser) based on open source platforms. They focus on B2B ordering systems and distributed applications across internet. They use open source components only, but their solutions can run on both Windows and Linux. Components used are: Linux (operating system), Apache (web server), Python (language), and Firebird (relational database).



MeatMaster is a shop floor system for the meat industry. It has modules for slaughterhouse (livestock reception, slaughtering accounting, grading, reception to chilling stock), cutting and deboning (reception to cutting, quality meat labeling), and logistics (product labeling, picking).

Shop floor functions are touch screen ready: have large controls, on screen keyboards. System reads data from scales, barcode readers, grading equipment. Portable barcode scaners are used for picking. Self-printing scales and barcode printers are used for labeling. System uses Firebird as the database server.

Fully working system can be downloaded from:

The slaughtering module is the "de facto" standard software for all slaughterhouses in Lithuania. Approximately two thirds of Lithuanian meat and chicken products have labels printed using the MeatMaster logistics module.

The Software Shack

AmaChing Assets

An asset register that also calculates the depreciation on your assets using either the straight line or the reducing balance method. Depreciation reports may be printed for any asset/assets or category of assets (or all of them) over any period. Supports multiple companies. (client-server, Firebird)


A document imaging and management application. Scan and save your entire companies files and documents. Very flexible. Supports any number of Types of Files and Types of Documents per file type. Multi-page documents supported. Security to the document level -let only those people see the documents in a file which they're allowed to. Very powerful -any number of users, any number of documents depending on your hardware. (multi-tier -very scalable, Firebird)


A program for generating quotes (pro-forma invoices) very quickly, easily and reliably. Let your entire sales department update item pricing, generate quotes and pull reports off a central database all at the same time. Prevent expensive mistakes on incorrect pricing. (client-server, Firebird)


A program for storing contact information. Stores all the information that is on a business card, and more. Per company saves the company contact info, contacts persons, products and notes. Search for any product and view the companies that supply that product. Let everyone in your company update contact information at the same time, prevent duplicate databases and out-dated information. (client-server, Firebird)


A program for generating orders. Let your entire buying department generate orders at the same time. Supports multiple companies, and unique order numbers per company. Print reports for total orders, per company, per supplier, etc, for any period. (client-server, Firebird)

Top Systems S.A. de C.V.

Top Hotel

Top Hotel permite llevar la administracion de un hotel de una manera facil y eficiente (especialmente disenado para Mexico debido al impuesto sobre hospedaje y el impuesto al valor agregado).

Top Hotel cuenta con control de acceso por medio de permisos independientes a cada uno de los modulos del programa. El usuario asigna una clave de acceso a cada empleado registrado e indica a que modulos tiene acceso y que actividades puede realizar. Estas son algunas características de Top Hotel.

Consulta e impresion de estados de cuenta de los huespedes en cualquier momento. Configuracion de descuentos por empresa o por persona. Venta de productos y/o servicios a las habitaciones. Reporte de ventas que puede usar como corte diario. Posibilidad de seleccionar si la factura saldrá a nombre de la empresa a la que pertenece el huesped o a su nombre.

Reporte de ocupacion. Reporte de vencimiento de reservaciones. Informacion sobre habitaciones disponibles y habitaciones ocupadas. Tarjeta de registro.

Ud. puede saber que habitaciones se desocuparan en la fecha para la cual un cliente desea reservar. Le permite personalizar el sistema agregando el logotipo de su hotel. Configuracion de la hora de salida y hora de llegada mínima para no cobrar noche extra. Manejo de cobro por persona adicional en habitacion. Tenemos una version que controla tambien las ventas del restaurant con una facturacion independiente a la facturacion del hotel.



TurboCASH Accounting is the world leading open source accounting software for SME's. We compete with Quickbooks, Sage and MYOB across multiple countries. We have 100 000 users in 81 tax regimes and in 25 languages.

We run on the Firebird Database, using Delphi and ZeosLib as the front ends and Report man for reporting.

We have an open plugin architecture and both a free and commercial model to encourage cooperation and participation from developers.

You are welcome to work with us on either open community activities or to develop your own private commercial apps around our community.

We encourage developers to do both. Our smallest systems are portable apps running on flash drives using the embedded database, right up to multi user systems with cross platform clients.


Database solution for dangerous goods. Single version built using Visual Basic and the Firebird Embedded server, as well as an Intranet version using the Firebird Server on both Windows and Linux accessed via Clients using applications written in PHP/Perl or Visual Basic.

XPert Billing Solutions

XPert Billing

XPertBilling is a powerful CustomerCare & Billing (CC&B) based on a reliable database. This combination gives our users Multi-tenant and high-performance solutions, fast deployment, configuration and almost no maintenance.

Vertec Group

PSA Software for professional services companies covering all needs relating to CRM and ERP