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Firebird Conference 2019 17-Oct-2019

Location: Berlin, Germany

This year the Firebird Conference will be focused on Firebird 4 and will also include a series of workshops: extended presentations and practical exercises. We want to make it more educational, more practical, and less theoretical.

There will be 3 days, split into 2 parts:

Day 1. Firebird 4 Bootcamp

3 parallel tracks of presentations, focused on Firebird 4 “how-tos”; new features, migration, setup and maintain replication, security settings, tips for development with Delphi, Java, .NET among others. The idea of Day 1 is to prepare a developer for Firebird 4, there will be keynotes and detailed feature descriptions from Firebird core developers and “how tos” from experienced speakers.

Day 2-3. Advanced topics and workshops

There will be up to 4 tracks of extended presentations and workshops. Extended presentations will be done mostly by core developers, giving insights into how Firebird internals work. The workshop is a type of conference, known by people who attended the Firebird Tour; a half of a day, devoted solely to a single complicated topic. During the conference we will repeat the workshops “All About Transactions” and “SQL Query Optimisation” - these new editions will also include aspects of new features found in Firebird 4. Attendees who come to these workshops can send in questions prior to the conference, and during the workshops sessions these questions will be answered.

Organisation, Date, Place

The Firebird 2019 Conference is organised by IBPhoenix and IBSurgeon, and it will take place from October 17th to October 19th, in Berlin, Germany, at the hotel Holiday Inn Berlin City East - Landsberger Alle.


Platinum - IBExpert GmbH - the vendor of IBExpert toolset.

Platinum - RedSoft the vendor of RedDatabase and the RedExpert tool.

Platinum - Moex Moscow Exchange.

Silver - Fast Reports - the leading vendor of the report and OLAP software for .NET/Mono, Delphi, Web, Lazarus, and SAP Netweaver.


Registration includes attendance to the conference, conference materials, coffee and lunch, but does not include hotel rooms. Please make your own hotel arrangements. You can register for the conference here.


The detailed Conference Schedule is now available.